About Rachel

Mother. Educator. Leader.

Rachel is the mother of two boys, Eli -12 and Ian – 3. She is proudly married to Philip, a high school science teacher. Rounding out her family is their dog Everett and cat Lola. For 15 years, Rachel has been a public educator serving as a teacher, district leader, and current campus principal.

Rachel earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University and her Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Texas State University. She also completed her superintendent of schools certification from Lamar University.

Rachel has been described by others as: “Well prepared and well suited as a logical minded, service oriented, and family person!” “She’s a wonderful friend, mom, wife, principal, a go-getter, a person who will give all she has to make a change! She is intelligent, she is strong and she is ready!”

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