Rachel is the mother of two boys, Eli and Ian. She married Philip in 2004 and has proudly raised her family in League City since 2009. The McAdam Family enjoys the many amenities League City has to offer to kayaking on Clear Creek to playing sports at the Hometown Heroes Park.


Rachel is beginning her 16th year in public education. She believes strongly in ensuring all students receive a high quality education despite any circumstance. Her passion is to guarantee all children have access to books to promote literacy.


Rachel knows how to do more with less. As a school principal, Rachel was able to build strong community and business partnerships to bring necessary resources to her school. She will approach funding the same way for League City. In her years as a leader, she has proven to be a solution orientated, sensible and passionate leader for her community.


Rachel strongly supports the values of League City: Family, safety, and our past. As a city council member, Rachel will advocate for the following:

  • Ensure wasteful spending is not occurring and revenue is directed to the correct places to meet the needs of League City Residents
  • Increase communication, transparency, and accountability for our drainage and traffic projects from the 2019 bond
  • Ensure new commercial growth will contribute financially and serve residents
  • Focus on increasing tourism to generate revenue from sales tax
  • Endorse the preservation and rehabilitation of the historic Ghirardi House  
  • Support a library on the west side of League City
  • Identify ways to support and ensure public safety for our growing community
  • Continue to actively recruit volunteer firefighters to ensure our fire stations have enough personnel to meet the needs of our city

The Five Most Important Issues Facing League City Today

  1. Flooding/Drainage – Public safety is always my number one concern. After the devastation of Harvey, we know flooding must be addressed to keep our citizens safe. League City has identified 21 drainage projects and the citizens have funded the projects through a $73 million bond.  Only 2 of the projects have started this fall.  Additionally, as a council we must take a regional, collaborative approach to act on the findings of the 18 month Clear Creek Regional study to design projects and a 5 year plan to prevent the flooding of Clear Creek. 
  1. Traffic – As any resident in League City knows, traffic congestion is an everyday concern. League City has already identified 10 traffic/mobility projects, funded when citizens passed a bond in May of 2019. As of today, only one of the projects has begun. It is essential that these projects are completed in a timely manner. Additionally, the city must continue to survey the needs of our city and take a proactive approach when planning infrastructure to keep up with the rapid growth of our city. Signals throughout our city need to be synced and then audited on a scheduled, monthly basis.
  1. Economy Recovery  –  Local small businesses have been affected greatly by COVID-19 and are struggling. These businesses serve as vital anchors in League City and we must do our part to help them recover by promoting, supporting, and buying local.  As a city we should have citywide competitions encouraging residents to eat and shop local.  This will advertise local businesses and keep revenue in League City. We can also be a hub of information to our business community by creating a central, online source of resources and information. Information provided will include how businesses connect to state and federal resources and how to move their business online, creating a digital presence. 
  1. Responsible Economic Growth – League City is rapidly growing and we must promote responsible growth. Currently, 45% of our city is undeveloped. As we continue to have additional, steady, and healthy responsible growth both commercially and residentially we must strive to meet our vision of being the best place to live, work, and play. We cannot just rely on residential growth in League City. To create more local jobs, revenue and excitement for our city we need to increase business. The city will continue to attract, along with our partners, top-tier national and international employers to occupy the commercial-zoned portions of our city. We will continue to build on the numerous amenities this city has to offer. At the same time, we must be proactive in ensuring infrastructure is in place to support our growth. The bottom line, increased commercial growth =  lower taxes for our residents. 
  2. Tourism – As a city we need to increase tourism to generate revenue from sales taxes and support our local economy. As a result of the approval of House Bill 2445, the City of League City is eligible to commit up to 10 years of the state‚Äôs portion of the sales tax revenue and hotel occupancy tax revenue to develop convention centers and hotel projects. We need to develop new amenities to support conventions, live entertainment, sports events, and public spaces to increase visitors to League City.   

About Rachel

Mother. Educator. Leader.

Rachel is the mother of two boys, Eli -12 and Ian – 4. She is proudly married to Philip, a high school science teacher. For 15 years, Rachel has been a public educator serving as a teacher, district leader, and current campus principal.

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